ARDHI IG is an agribusiness start up with a purpose to provide safe, healthy and sustainable food and nutrition security for all. Our vision is to be Ghana’s foremost and most admired sustainable agribusiness


Ardhi IG is a for-profit Africa-based agribusiness start-up focusing on the development of climate smart agricultural value chains mainly through greenhouse and hydroponics farming and other innovative and efficient agricultural value chain development technologies and practices. Ultimately, the overall goal of ARDH IG is to significantly contribute to Ghana and Africa’s food security through the provision of healthy and nutritious food for every household in Ghana and in other African countries where we operate.

Ardhi IG developed from the vision and commitment of two Ghanaians, who after travelling the world and working for multinational and international development organizations for a total combined period of four (4) decades between them, decided to use their experiences acquired over the years to develop an innovative and technology based sustainable agricultural business (agribusiness) with minimal impact on the environment and greater impact on Ghana and Africa’s food security, nutrition security and also, employment opportunities for women the youth and the underprivileged.

Company Management

The name ‘ARDHI’

Means ‘land’ in Kiswahili and it depicts not only the origin of our business idea (Tanzania), but also, our firm belief in the capacity of the land and in this case, agriculture, as the panacea to Africa’s economic underdevelopment, perennial food insecurity, malnutrition and low industrialization. Ardhi IG was incorporated as a business in Ghana in September 2018 and is in the process of setting up a 5068sqm greenhouse and hydroponic farm at Asutuare-Akuse in the Eastern Region of Ghana with full operations beginning in the second quarter of 2019. In addition, ARDHI IG has set up a 960sqm apprenticeship center in February 2019 for the training of young Ghanaians in greenhouse and hydroponics agronomy. Ardhi IG is aiming at using the most innovative and tropicalized greenhouse technologies developed purposely for tropical climates to increase agricultural productivity as well as produced vegetables of the highest quality for the Ghanaian market and other markets where we operate.